Sad News from OTC Athlete John Orozco’s Family

Colorado Gymnastics and each and every one of us offers OTC athlete John Orozco our deepest sympathies on the passing of his mother Damaris Orozco. John was preparing for Winter Cup when he learned his mother had passed and had to abandon his training to be with his family.

Our thoughts go out to John’s Family and all of his friends who knew his mother Damaris. She will be missed.

USA Gymnastics announcement (on USA Gym’s facebook page): We are sad to learn that Damaris Orozco, mother of John Orozco, suddenly passed away this weekend. Her husband and best friend, William Orozco, and their family asked USA Gymnastics to share this news. Our thoughts, prayers, and best wishes are with John and his family right now, and they have asked that their privacy be respected at this time.

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Brandon Wynn Added to FIG Code of Points

Congratulations to OTC athlete Brandon Wynn for being enshrined in FIG history by having his very own skill added to the FIG Code of Points. Brandon’s skill on Still Rings was given a difficulty value of ‘E’, meaning that performance of the adds 0.5 to his score:Wynn

WYNN Brandon (USA)
• Slow roll forward with straight body and arms through Cross to Inverted Cross (2 s.)
• E value (Element Group IV)
• Name awarded: WYNN
• Performed at the 2014 Pan American Championships Mississauga (CAN)

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Colorado at the Winter Cup National Championship

OTC athlete Paul Ruggeri III is Winter Cup National Champion. Nuff said . . . No it’s not.

OTC athlete Donnell Whittenburg challenged Paul for the title placing third and Yul Moldauer finished in 17th place. Chris Brooks was in 6th place after day 1 but had to drop out. Region 9 athlete was in 12th place before dropping out after day 1 due to illness.

Paul won the Bronze on Floor Exercise while Donnell took 5th. Donnell took 4th on Still Rings. Paul won Vault with Josh Dixon of the OTC taking the Bronze. Donnell won the Silver on Parallel Bars with Paul placing 6th. Finally Paul won Horizontal Bar with former Colorado athlete Jordan Valdez taking the Silver.

USA Gymnastics named the USA National Team following Winter Cup including Paul Ruggeri III, Donnell Whittenburg, Brandon Wynn, and John Orozco. Brandon and John were unable to compete at Winter Cup but retained their national team positions due to previous achievements.

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Colorado at the FIG World Championships

The USA Men’s Gymnastics Team, including Olympic Training Center athletes John Orozco and Donnell Whittenburg, earned the bronze medal at the FIG World Championships in Nanning China in October 2014.

Most amazingly, the USA won Pommel Horse in the qualification session. Future Stars is really working.

Donnell Whittenburg qualified for All-Around finals in his first world championships. Donnell also finished 7th in to Parallel Bars finals.

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Colorado Future Stars

Colorado’s participation in Future Stars continues to grow. 23 athletes attended the Colorado State evaluation/clinic. Over 40 athletes were at the Region 9 Evaluation. Thanks to Nate Ragland for his great support of this critical program.

I was honoured to evaluate the USA Gymnastics National Future Stars Competition. The boys are getting good, really good.

At the National Championship, Bryce McKenzie placed 7th in the 12 year-old division, Joe D’Souza placed 11th in the 13 year-old division, and Jayson Flack placed 15th in the 10 year-old division.

No matter what level your boys are at, with a small investment of time, Future Stars / Technical Sequences can only improve their gymnastics. Many coaches use Future Stars as their athletes’ warm up on each apparatus.

Colorado will hold another Future Stars clinic as early in the summer of 2015 as practical.

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Yul Muldauer is USA Champion on Pommel Horse. Congratulations Yul.

Yul also finished second in all-around the 17-18 year old division. Yul finished 3rd on FX; 4th on SR; 6th on VT; 5th on PB; and 4th on HB.

Our friends at the USOTC had a great meet. John Orozco finished a close 2nd in senior division. John was named to the USA World Championship team to compete in Nanning China in October. John is USA Champion on HB.

Donnell Whittenburg finished 4th and was also named to the USA World Championship team. Donnell is USA Champion on VT.

Paul Ruggeri finished 7th. Paul is the alternate for the USA World Championship team.

Brandon Wynn finished 9th. He is the USA Champion on SR and was named to the Pan American Championships team.

Anthony McCallum competed with the seniors on the second day. He was named to the USA Junior National team.

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Congratulations to all the Colorado champions at the 2014 JO Nationals.

Level 8: Kyler Hartley is NATIONAL ALL-AROUND CHAMPION in the JO 11-year old division. Kyler also won the bronze on FX, silver on PH, silver on SR, placed 6th on VT, bronze on HB. Taylor Burkhart finished in 3rd place in the all-around and won the silver on SR, placed 4th on VT, bronze on HB. Logan Myers took 11th place in the all-around in the same group and placed 5th on SR, 5th on VT. Mark Detrik is NATIONAL CHAMPION on PH in JO 11-year old division.

Level 9: Vitaly Guimares made the national team by placing 2nd in the JE 13-year old division and is NATIONAL CHAMPION on FX and VT, placed 4th on PH, won silver on SR, 5th on PB, and won silver on HB. Region 9 teammate Dillan King placed 9th in that age group.

Derek Stark placed 8th and Jake Sawyer place 12th in the JO 13-year old division. Derek won the bronze on FX, placed 4th on VT. Region 9’s CJ Golbes finished in 6th place in this age group.

Jake Detrick finished 16th and Jack Stockton 21st in the JO 14-year old division. His Region 9 teammate Tony Christopulos finished 17th.

Level 10: Cutter Fugett placed 12th in the JE 15-year old division. Cutter qualified to USA Championships the USAG Qualifier. His Region 9 teammate Jame Stephenson finished 17th.

Our new member of the Colorado community Anthony McCollum placed 14th in the JE 16-year old division, 6th on FX, and won the bronze on PB. Region 9’s Austin Lober placed 23rd. Austin also qualified to USA Championships.

Yul Moldauer qualified to USA Championships by placing 2nd in the JE 17-year old division and placed 5th on FX, won silver on PH, 7th on SR, 4th on VT, bronze on PB, and 6th on HB. Drew Burton placed 10th. He will be attending Stanford in the fall. Paul Marchando placed 6th on PH in the JO 17-year old division.

Colson Stodghill placed 14th in the JO 15-year old division and placed 4th on PB and 4th on HB. Isaac Xiong is NATIONAL CHAMPION on PB, placed 3rd in the JO 16-year old division, and won silver on VT. Jordyn Lopez placed 13th in Isaac’s group. Mark Treybal is NATIONAL CHAMPION on SR, took the all-around bronze and silver on HB in the JO 18-year old division.

5280 Gymnastics also won the silver at level 8, silver at level 9, and placed 8th at level 10.

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Results for the 2014 Colorado State Championship have been posted on the Results page.

Congratulations and thank you to the meet director and staff and all the athletes, coaches, and officials for their hard work throughout the year.

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Region IX took the BRONZE at the first National Regional Team Championship over the weekend.

The Region IX teams made up of Drew Burton, Isaac Xiong, Jordyn Lopez, Quinn Malm, and Yul Muldauer from Colorado and Dylan Ellsworth, Esteban Montiel, and Johnny Jacobson from Utah got off to a rough start on High Bar, but came back to finish third in Junior division, Senior Division, and the Super Team Competition.  See for competition results.

This is the best finish for Region IX in over a decade.  Congratulations to the athletes and their coaches.

Kevin Watson has also posted a number of photos on the Region 9 facebook page.

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Region IX information is available at

Qualifying scores will follow soon.

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